Our Company has the right to cancel an excursion under the folowing conditions:
1) Poor weather conditions   
2) If the places to be visited are closed due to some reason(phisical disasters earthquakes, fires,floods ).


You have a right to be fully – refunded in the following cases:
1) In case the Company cancels a trip and you don’t accept a change which maybe proposed then you have a full refund of the trip you have booked.
2) If you call at our offices(working hours) one day before the excursion you have booked you are entitled to a full refund.

You don’t have the right to be refunded in the following cases:
1) If you don’t show up at the specific time and place given by our Company.
2) In case you don’t show up at the scheduled departures during the excursion.
3) In case the excursion wasn’t what you expected as you have participated in it after reading the trip itinerary .
4) In case you have booked for more people and eventually not all come to the excursion.